Fall Skincare Guide


Zia products are made to be used everywhere, not just on your face and neck. So this change up to your current routine is about to make you VERY happy!!


You don't need to go out and buy a bunch of different products for autumn. You just need to know how to use what you've got to give your skin slower, deeper nourishment throughout the autumn months.


Zia's Autumn Skincare Guide by Product

Skin Support, sensitive skin oil

1. Cleansing- use in place of a soap-based cleanser to prevent unnecessary moisture loss and drying of the skin.


2. Warm Oil Massage followed by Steam Shower/Bath- apply everywhere and massage into your skin.

Sit in the bath or shower for 15-20 mins and let the oil absorb into the skin. If you do this in the shower, STAND/SIT ON A DRY TOWEL. Do not wash the oil off when you are finished. 

For boosted, lymphatic and circulatory benefits make massage strokes in the direction of major lymph nodes. Detailed directions can be found HERE.


3. Scalp and Hair Love- Generously apply to scalp and hair. Wrap your head in a towel and wash out the following day. (PRO TIP: When washing out, apply shampoo to oily hair first, don't get hair wet before washing like usual. Rinse with water and shampoo again as normal once the shampoo has been worked into the scalp and hair.)

Natural Ally, hydrating toner

1. Apply everywhere after showering/bathing for a pre-moisturizing hydration treatment. This is especially great if you experience "ashy" skin on your legs.  

2. Apply to feet and/or hands at nighttime, followed by Skin Support, and sleep with socks/gloves on for a profoundly penetrating dry skin treatment.

3. Under Eye Special- use before your nighttime eye cream or moisturizer to help increase absorption.  


Everything Balm, moisturizing stick

1. Use as a deep moisturizing treatment where needed and as often as needed.

2. Apply extra love to those areas where the skin is thicker and less prone to hold onto moisture thus can quickly become cracked and ashy, i.e., elbows, feet, knees, cuticles.

3. Rub on feet and heels and sleep in socks.

Zia Botanics Calendula Skincare

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