about us



our beliefs

We believe in making potent skincare with pure, non-toxic ingredients from our farm.

We believe in our hero ingredient calendula. That’s why we source it from our farm and put it number one, front and center in all of our products.

We believe simple is better. Therefore, all Zia products contain 10 ingredients or less.

We are committed to being good ancestors for the earth and future generations. Our refill program, packaging choices, and beneficial farming practices are designed to be sustainable and earth-friendly.

a note from our founder

my journey began with one seed

Five years ago a friend handed me a plastic bag of shriveled snail-like seeds (at least that’s what they looked like to me) and told me to plant them.

I had no idea what these seeds were or what type of care and conditions they required. It didn’t help either that I was the furthest from a “green thumb.”

I dug up a few holes in our unused garden beds and crossed my fingers that they would survive. To my surprise, they sprouted beautiful yellow blooms just a few months later.

the lightbulb

Around the same time, while working as a massage therapist at a local Taos spa, I experienced the power of calendula skincare firsthand.

A client undergoing chemotherapy had been using a calendula product during her radiation treatments. She couldn't say enough about how it was helping her extremely dry hands and body. I finally put two and two together that the plant my clients were using on their skin was the same plant growing in my backyard.

I knew I had something special.

As I researched the benefits of calendula-based products, studying ingredient decks line by line, one concern kept coming up for me.

The ingredients were an afterthought.

While calendula was marketed for its healing benefits front and center, it was rarely the number one or number two ingredient in the actual formula. Instead, it was buried down low on the ingredient list meant the potency was low.

putting calendula front and center

The question then became, what would happen if we put calendula front and center, numero uno, and allowed it to do its magic?

What if you could experience the benefits of calendula for your skin without all the filler products that typically come with it?

That’s when Zia Botanics was born.

I'm so glad you're here!

~Andra Maddox

our promise

calendula first

We promise calendula will be top of the list, in every product, today and always.

sseed to skin

You can count on us to grow, on our farm, what we source for our products.

Good for All

We are committed to sustainable packaging and reducing our carbon footprint.