{ri.plen.ish} to make full or complete again

Calendula reparative oil

In our commitment to protecting nature, we are saying GOODBYE to single-use bottles.  When you choose to purchase our 4 oz bottle of Calendula Oil and refill the same bottle at a reduced rate, you are helping your skin and keeping glass out of the landfill.  And it gets even better! Refill your 1 oz bottles from your 4 oz bottles to keep your first aid kit and travel bag stocked on ZIA oil.  


How to participate in our refill program:

  • Step 1- Purchase a 4 oz Calendula Reparative Oil.
  • Step 2- After your bottle is empty, complete a REFILL PURCHASE- by emailing us at ziabotanicsllc@gmail.com 
  • Step 3- Receive an email with instructions about how the refill will be fulfilled.
  • Step 4-Refill your 1 oz bottle.
  • Step 5- Feel Good!
This program is currently in its infancy stage, and we are working on expanding the refill option to all our oils and products- COMING 2021! Sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date on our offers.